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At Pillar, your mental health is the most important thing. That's exactly why we consider clinical validation and scientific research so essential.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The content of our platform was developed by a team of clinical psychologists. For this they based themselves on the basic principles of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology (CGT).

CBT is a form of psychotherapy that teaches people to look at and deal with situations in a different way. It is a combination of cognitive therapy and behavioural therapy.

The starting point of CBT is that thoughts have an influence on our behaviour and on how we feel, but also in the opposite direction. Thoughts, behaviour and feelings therefore constantly interact with each other.


CBT has been researched very often and extensively and is the most effective form of therapy for anxiety and depression. It is a powerful tool in treatment that matters, but not everyone who benefits from CBT also effectively has an anxiety or mood problem.

Research shows that CBT is also very effective for anyone who wants to learn to cope better with stressful situations. mHealth CBT apps are a proven cost-effective, simple way of guidance based on the same principles as face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy.
The Core

Based on the following core principles

Unhelpful thinking patterns

A safe place, where you can go at any time with your feelings and thoughts.

Unhelpful behaviour

Psychological problems are partly based on learned patterns of non-helpful behavior.

Learn other new patterns

By breaking old patterns and installing new ones the symptoms will gradually decrease.
next steps

Research and Development

For the elaboration of the scientific validation and the further investigation of the various possibilities within the domain mHealth for mental health, Pillar works closely together with clinical psychologists and researchers of Ghent University.

In addition, Pillar actively participates in various VLAIO-supported studies and we want to grow our mission on the basis of scientific insights. For example, we recently started a study on the impact of mHealth interventions on our mental health.

Do you (from within your organization) want to collaborate with us in function of research and/or development? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Do you want to collaborate on research and development?